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The Australian Government has extended COVID-19 tax incentives for large asset purchases. Estimate your tax savings using our calculator. Asset examples are below.

There are two significant tax incentives available: Temporary Full Expensing (FEDA) - you can claim the full expense for any asset purchase, for a limited time. Loss Carry Back - a way to claim back tax paid in previous years. Read the details here.


Tax Savings Calculator

Adjust any of the fields to re-calculate the tax savings.


Choose an asset to use in the calculator 

Just click a "Calculate Tax Savings" button and set the "Date of First Use" and tax rate to see the calculation. Additional example assets are listed further down the page.

TIDD Crane PC28

Price Example: $522,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  12 Years

Crane Outrigger Pads

Price Example: $30,000 set of 4.

Depreciation Asset Life:  12 Years

Crane Trailers

Price Example: $98,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  15 Years


Use an asset above or view more example assets below.


Talk to one of our team 

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The all new TIDD PC28 is here! Lift and shift loads up to 28t safely and efficiently.


Select a Different Asset to Calculate Your Tax Savings

With new SlewSafe®, full power boom and dynamic LMI, this 28t pick & carry crane is leading from the front. Flexible deposit and huge tax savings.

Price Example: $522,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  12 Years

This Quad Axle Widening Low Loader has a large number of options available and quality manufacture with Hardox® steel construction. Flexible deposit and payment options.

Price Example: $296,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  15 Years

With the efficiency gains from use in set up as well, this is a great time to think ahead. From Skeletal to B trains to equipment and boom trailers. TRT manufacture to fit your crane.

Price Example: $98,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  15 Years

100% asset write down available. Made for industry and engineered for purpose, and designed to last! With full ground pressure data and 9 size options. Stock available!

Price Example:  $30,000 Set of 4.

Depreciation Asset Life:  12 Years

Increase your payload on your Rows of 8 low loader. Get a 100% tax write down if you purchase before 31 Dec 2021, Talk to us about finance options.

Price Example: $135,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  15 Years

Think ahead for your operation. Quality construction, delivering value to your operation. Huge tax savings when you order your new TRT low loader.

Price Example: $366,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  15 Years

Order now. Price range is indicative and will vary depending on crane model. Talk to us today about flexible terms and finance options.

Price Example: $1,890,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  12 Years

Trust the reliability of Kobelco crawler cranes. Flexible terms and finance options available. Note, price range is indicative and will vary depending on crane model.

Price Example: $1,050,000

Depreciation Asset Life:  12 Years

Buy Large Assets to Take Advantage of These Huge Tax Deductions

You can significantly reduce your tax by claiming the full expense on your new TIDD CraneTRT TrailerTRT Crane PadsGrove Crane or Kobelco Crane.


Temporary Full Expensing: The Core Details

  • Applies to any asset value.
  • If business turnover is under $50m this applies to New & Used assets.
  • If turnover is between $50m and $5b applies to new assets only. 
  • The asset must be first used or installed ready for use between these dates: 6 October 2020 and 30 June 2023*
  • The 100% deduction can also be claimed for improvements made to either existing assets or assets purchased within the above dates. 

Loss Carry Back

You might make a tax loss in an income year as a result of claiming an immediate deduction under temporary full expensing. If you are a corporate tax entity, instead of carrying the tax loss forward and using it to offset your future income, you can consider if you are eligible for a refundable tax offset under loss carry back.

Read more on the ATO website about Loss Carry Back Tax Offset

* A note about the dates: 

The current dates for Temporary Full Expensing end 30 June 2022.  However, in the 2021/22 Federal Budget (on 11 May 2021), the Federal Government announced that they will extend the eligible period until 30 June 2023 (i.e. it will cover assets installed and ready for use by 30 June 2023). This will be law when the Bill receives Royal Assent. Until then, the official dates on the ATO website say 30 June 2022.

Note: Temporary Full Expensing is referred to as "Full Expensing of Depreciable Assets" or "FEDA" by some websites.

Read more on the ATO website about Temporary Full Expensing

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